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The Challenges students face in EMI Courses (from Ohio University)

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Taiwan Universities ordered to improve English offerings
Thanks for posting earlier Peter Chang! #emi #english #taiwan

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Which place in Asia is your preferred EMI destination? (countries where English is not an official language but you can study in English)

South Korea
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Don't speak Korean? You can still pursue English-taught Master's degrees at top South Korean universities! #korea #master #emi

Yonsei University Graduate School of International Studies

Korea University Graduate School of International Studies

Sungkyunkwan Graduate School of Business

Hanyang University Graduate School of International Studies

Sogang University Graduate School of International Studies

Kyunghee University Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies

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English Medium Instruction (EMI) refers to the use of the English language to teach academic subjects (other than English itself) in countries where the first language of the majority of the population is not English.

Currently, the world is seeing a boom in EMI as an educational model in universities, secondary schools and even primary schools; however the implications of this growing trend remain severely under-researched. EMI is increasingly being implemented via top-down policies, sometimes with little attention to the educational implications that learning through a second language can have for the millions of students affected. Thus, this research group aims to fill this void in its exploration of the effects of EMI on language learning, content learning, teaching delivery, quality of education, inequalities of access, language flexibility and hybridity, the competencies needed to be a successful EMI teacher, and other multi-faceted aspects of EMI. The EMI Oxford research group cooperates with education institutions and organisations around the world through leading research into the extent and effects of EMI across the globe.

Learn more from: http://www.emi.network

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Everything about teaching in English in a non-English country, links to programs, student experience, etc.